The Ultimate 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Adventurers

Beans, grinders, sensory glasses, books, accessories, and coffee subscriptions for the coffee adventurers in your life.

Finding the perfect gift for someone with a passion for a good brew can be overwhelming. Coffee lovers are notoriously particular about their brewing gear– but, worry not! This carefully curated guide will help you decide what to get your coffee-holic friends for the holidays.

Whether you're picking up something for yourself or for the die-hard coffee lover in your life, the options for a unique coffee present are limitless.

From the freshest selection of rare specialty coffees to high-tech brewing gadgets, read on below to shop for the most unique coffee gifts that’ll impress that special coffee aficionado in your life!


To elevate your coffee-drinking experience, check out our favorite picks of unique coffee gear and accessories below!


Third Wave Water Mineral Supplement

Did you know that coffee is 98% water? It’s all the more reason the quality of your water makes a big difference in the flavor of your brew. If you find that your brew tastes bitter, bland, and/or weak, consider adding Third Wave Water to your coffee brewing process. The team at Third Wave Water developed a unique blend of minerals that improves your brews' flavor and protects the lifespan of your equipment. Third Wave Water lets your coffee shine––great coffee is all about the right water!

  • Improve the taste of your brew in 4 simple steps: (1) buy distilled water, (2) mix in Third Wave Water, (3) shake, and (4) start brewing your coffee
  • Extend the service life of your coffee-making equipment
  • All Third Wave Water mineral profiles contain 'permanent hardness', meaning they will not cause any scale buildup
  • Comes in four profiles to suit your brew: Classic, Dark, Espresso, and Cold Brew Profiles


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I'M NOT A BARISTA 101 Coffee Stories

Behind every delicious cup of coffee is a huge community that makes it all possible—from hardworking farmers, to industrious roasters, to passionate roasters & baristas. Your mug holds more than coffee, it holds a million names—and ‘101 Coffee Stories’ seeks to showcase these unique individuals and give them the recognition they deserve. This collection of stories from people all over the world in different areas of the coffee industry is a meaningful present that any coffee enthusiast would love to receive over the holidays. 

  • Help bring ‘101 Coffee Stories’ to life on Kickstarter by backing the project today
  • Feel a deeper, more personal connection to your daily cup
  • Immerse yourself in 101 inspiring, life-changing stories


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I'M NOT A BARISTA Coffee Wristbands

A holiday gift with a great cause–through the Coffee Wristbands Charity Program, I'M NOT A BARISTA has been working with a variety of talented artists to create a positive impact on members of the global coffee community! This year, they intend to donate all proceeds to Las Adelitas Cafe Ecologico, a non-profit feminist organization that empowers the indigenous, small coffee-producing community of women and all coffee families within that region.

  • Help the women of Las Adelitas Cafe Ecologico carry out their mission
  • Every wristband purchase enacts a positive impact on the lives of those in the local coffee community


ICOSA Brewhouse Arctic Cold Brew Recipe E-Book

This 50-page recipe e-book is a collection of delicious hot and cold drink recipes and unique ‘outside-of-the-cup’ ideas, giving you and your coffee-loving friends the creative inspiration to make irresistible cold brew concoctions! From refreshing cocktails, to savory sauces, to Michelin-star inspired dishes, and even mouthwatering desserts––it’s time for you to experience cold brew like never before. Definitely a perfect holiday present for a coffee lover looking to elevate their skills and open up a whole new world of flavor.

  • Created with award-winning chef Wallace Wong (Fridge Wars Winner, Top Chef Canada Finalist, Chopped Canada Winner, and Bake it Possible Finalist)
  • 16 unique cold brew recipes and 50 pages of content including bonus educational content for crafting the perfect cold brew
  • Sent as PDF directly to your email after purchase


Even for the most accomplished of coffee lovers, a new tool that helps to elevate their brewing experience is always a welcomed gift. In the ever evolving world of coffee, there are a whole host of different tools to help craft the perfect cup––check out some of our favorite essentials below! 



Designed for all types of coffee lovers, the MOMENTEM Grinder is a multi-step, dual-burr hand grinder and is the first of its kind. Made for baristas, coffee fanatics, experts, and home brewers alike, it gives coffee lovers the benefits of two-step grinding that creates a better cup profile in a shorter amount of time. This is definitely a perfect holiday present for any coffee enthusiast–whether you’re a professional coffee roaster, a home-barista, or a crazed coffee addict!

  • World's first dual-burr system for two-step grinding
  • Easy assembly and ergonomic design
  • Built-in sifter to remove fines and an adjustable crank


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Melodrip COLUM Mini Pour Over Coffee Dripper
As the world’s smallest pourover coffee brewer, the COLUM Mini Dripper proves that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to brewing up a delicious cup of coffee. The Colum Mini Dripper brews up delicious coffee at a much faster flow rate, while producing only half the paper-waste. Every pour is precise thanks to the special ‘zero bypass’ brewing chamber, which results in optimal flavor extraction! This small yet mighty device is an absolute must-have for any coffee connoisseur looking for an outpour of pure coffee magic.

  • Compact vertical design keeps flow rates fast while organizing the entire coffee bed into an error-free zone, making every pour a professional pour
  • Colum brews 12 ounces of coffee with a half-gram ‘Mini-Filter Paper’, cutting your monthly paper waste in half!
  • Beautiful polished food-grade stainless steel and borosilicate glass with zero plastic


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Lucca Espresso Machines

Lucca Espresso Machines are built to bring traditional Italian espresso to the comfort of your home. With the latest high-tech features on the inside and traditional craftsmanship on the outside, these machines are designed to pull professional-level espresso shots with precision! These machines have everything you need for dependable home usage, and prove that you don't need to be professional barista to produce quality shots time and time again. 

  • Ratio offers three Lucca Espresso Machines depending on your budget: the X58, the A53 Mini, and the M58—all of which are currently on sale for the holidays!
  • Designed for the espresso lover who appreciates beautiful aesthetics and delicious homemade espresso
  • The M58 and X58 feature a built-in PID and shot timer for precision temperature control and consistent shot



An upgrade of the popular Nanopresso, the Picopresso is the most compact and pro-oriented portable espresso machine out of Wacaco’s product line. Enjoy authentic cafe-quality espresso that can rival that of expensive, high–end machines with this incredibly compact machine that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Picopresso makes for a fantastic gift for the coffee person in your life who already has a fancy setup, and could use more portability. 

  • Enjoy outstanding portability and ultra-compact design
  • Straightforward workflow with thoughtful accessories; perfect for traveling and on-the-go coffee lovers
  • Reddot Winner 2022

Artisan Kettle

Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle

With its famous modern design and to-the-degree temperature control, the Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Electric Kettle combines comfort and style, control and elegance, simplicity and accuracy—helping you master your morning coffee ritual and create the perfectly brewed cup. The Brewista Artisan Kettle is an excellent gift for home brewers serious about making great pour over.

  • Ergonomic handle, gooseneck spout for a more controlled pour, and electronic temperature control LCD panel
  • Comes with flash boil and keep-warm settings
  • Generous one liter capacity


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Baratza Encore Grinder
Looking for an entry-level automatic grinder for your craft coffee journey? The Baratza Encore Grinder is a versatile beginner-friendly tool that grinds for all kinds of brew methods—from espresso to French Press, and everything in between. Its straightforward control and precision conical burrs do all the work for you and deliver consistent, quality ground coffee every time.

  • Labeled the "best entry-level coffee grinder", making it the perfect gift for beginners
  • Over 40 individual grind settings, featuring a large 8-oz bean hopper
  • Intentionally designed to fit nicely under most kitchen cabinets


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Melodrip Pour Over Tool

Achieve consistent, unparalleled flavor clarity with the Melodrip Pour Over Tool. Typical kettle pours cause turbulence that creates malformations in your coffee slurry as water passes through the coffee grounds—but with the Melodrip Tool, the water you pour is always traveling through a stable and symmetrical slurry for a more consistent extraction! This results in consistently extracted cups of pour over coffee with heightened sweetness, a silky body, and amazing flavor clarity.

  • Evens out the spikes in your pour so flow rates are consistent
  • Tiny handheld tool with lots of power
  • Results in an unbelievably clean and refined brew


SAKI Baristan Electric Kettle

Introducing the Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle – the perfect tool for every aspiring coffee or tea connoisseur. This sleek and speedy electric kettle will revolutionize your brewing experience with sophisticated features, including touch buttons, adjustable temperature settings in single-degree increments, a one-liter capacity, and a boil time of five minutes or less. 

Not only does its low-profile electric base make it easy to use, but multiple features make brewing simple and enjoyable – from the timer that makes sure your pour-over or French press is brewed just right to discrete volume markings on the interior of the jug. Additionally, a rubberized lid helps keep annoying clangs at bay. With its plastic-free interior, this kettle ensures you get the most pure and fresh-tasting coffee and tea, while also contributing to your sustainability goals. Not to mention its heat-resistant pebbled rubber handle which provides you with a secure grip for effortless pouring. 

The best aspect of this innovative kettle? The Baristan does not have any flow rate restrictors! This means that you are in complete control – from precise streams of water for full flavor extraction when making coffee, to generous pours for a great cuppa tea. 

And if noise is an issue – worry no more! The newest feature on the Baristan is the mute function which lets you enjoy your beverage in peace and quiet. 

So take your morning routine up a notch – switch to the revolutionary Baristan Electric Gooseneck Kettle today!

  • Smart, precise, and puts you in control
  • Thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered to combine aesthetics and functionality
  • Pinpoint temperature accuracy with built-in brew timer


ICOSA Brewhouse AVENSI Coffee Sensory Glassware

For true coffee adventurers seeking an elevated coffee experience, ICOSA Brewhouse’s AVENSI Coffee Sensory Glassware unlocks the full potential of your favorite brews with an elegant, hybrid-walled glass designed to enhance aroma and taste. With three unique glass shapes designed to capture coffee’s complex tastes and aromas, a full sensory experience awaits the coffee enthusiast who wants to explore and unlock the flavors hiding in their brews.

  • A collection of three glasses: Vida, Senti, Alto—all uniquely created for various coffee aromas and flavors
  • Available in Solo, 2 piece, and 3 piece gift sets
  • Tested and refined with over 90+ coffee experts from over 30 different countries
  • Winner of the prestigious 2021 Best New Product Award from the Specialty Coffee Association


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Ember Mug²

This smart mug promises more than just keeping your coffee warm. The Ember Mug² allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, making your coffee perfectly hot or perfectly cold—whichever you like. Your chosen temperature is then maintained for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug² 10oz and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug² 14 oz. Keep your beverage perfect from the first sip to the last drop! 

  • Precision at your fingertips: control Ember settings from your phone
  • Help save lives: each purchase triggers a 3% donation to support global health programs with (RED)


ICOSA Brewhouse Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System

Designed to make cold brewing easy at home, the Arctic Cold Brew Coffee System gives you full control over how you want your cold brew. With its modern, elegant design, the Arctic is equal parts function and form—giving you full access to cold brew customizability in 4 simple steps, while looking sleek enough to suit any brew bar. The Arctic proves that you don’t need to be a professional barista to brew up delicious cold brew at home, making it a great holiday present for beginners and experts alike. 

  • Gives you complete control to make your ideal brew every time
  • Extract amazing flavor from your favorite coffee beans through a slower process, leaving the bitter oils and fatty acids behind
  • Carafe is made out of 100% borosilicate, thermal resistant glass
  • Micron Filter is laser cut with tiny holes— 200 microns in diameter


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Ratio Coffee Makers

Making world-class coffee accessible has always been Ratio's primary mission, and they've successfully achieved this with the Ratio Six and Ratio Eight coffee makers. Engineered with brewing precision, these two coffee maker siblings offer deliciously simulated pour over coffee at the press of a button. They’re designed for longevity thanks to their premium materials—marrying beauty, simplicity, and quality into a single experience. Not to mention, both are covered with a 5-year warranty!

  • Experience convenience without compromise with these smarter than your average coffee makers
  • Choose from two powerful machines depending on your budget—both are on sale for the holidays!


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Timemore Black Mirror Nano Espresso Scale

A model aimed at espresso geeks, the Timemore Black Mirror Nano Espresso Scale offers automatic timing modes and monitors flow rates which can help brewers refine their pouring speed and strength while brewing coffee. Designed with a striking new design compared to its predecessor, this scale weighs only 0.51 pounds making it suitable for travel and a better fit on the drip tray.

  • The scale has three different modes: standard, pour over, and espresso
  • Clean & modern design made with high quality acrylic, including a titled LED display hidden from sight until scale is used
  • Long lasting battery life


Fellow Clara French Press

With unique vacuum-insulated walls that maintain the ideal brewing temperature for optimal extraction, the Clara French Press keeps your coffee hot for your second and third servings. Tagged as the most thoughtful French press, Clara is filled with nuanced details and upgraded features that will elevate your brewing experience. This is the perfect holiday present to help coffee lovers take the guesswork out of groggy mornings—they’ll achieve the perfect brew every time!

  • Effortless to use: just fill to ratio lines, stir, then plunge! No scales needed.
  • Easy to clean with its nonstick interior
  • Striking and shatterproof design


Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2

The Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2 is the much-awaited upgrade of the company’s Red Dot award-winning Ode Brew Grinder, and features the same well-loved elements of its predecessor with some new upgrades. New best-in-class Gen 2 Brew Burrs, anti-static technology for less grind mess, a redesigned load bin for smoother bin feeding, and an expanded 100 gram catch cup makes this product a thoughtful gift to improve a coffee lover’s daily coffee brewing experience.

  • The next generation of grinding: updated brew burrs, anti-static technology, larger and redesigned hoppers and catch cups
  • Best for brewed coffee methods (AeroPress®, pour-over, electric coffee makers, French press, cold brew, and more) only


With the heavy lifting and decision-making left to the hands of world-renowned coffee roasting experts, a great gift for a coffeeholic loved one is a true coffee sensory experience!


Kurasu Coffee Subscription

Kurasu’s coffee subscription plans are the perfect way to explore the Japanese coffee industry from the comfort of your brew bar. Coffee subscriptions are gifts that will continue to surprise even the most seasoned coffee drinkers––and this one is definitely no exception. Each month, Kurasu partners with a different roaster from Japan to share their creation and story with the world, giving subscribers a colorful glimpse into different backgrounds, life experiences, and coffee journeys.

  • Choose from a variety of plans depending on your preference!

  • Kurasu Roaster Plan: Kosuke, the Head Roaster, will carefully select two microlots each month to showcase various unique coffee. The roast level will be mostly light but may include dark––depending on the potential of the coffee beans. On certain months, coffee will be subscription exclusive, meaning you won’t be able to purchase them anywhere else!
  • Partner Roaster + Kurasu Roast Plan: Enjoy coffee from different roasters each month while receiving Kurasu’s favorite microlots, roasted by Kurasu themselves in their roastery in Kyoto. This is the most popular subscription plan!
  • Partner Roaster Plan: Each month, Kurasu partners with a different specialty coffee roaster from Japan and carefully curates a selection of coffee beans. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the flavors that Japanese artisan roasters offer, while also learning and connecting with their amazing stories worldwide!

  • Pause, resume, and change your subscription plans anytime you wish


19Grams Rockstar Advent Calendar

A carefully curated collection of 4 excellent single origin coffees, the Rockstar Sunday Advent Calendar delivers the rare and extraordinary coffees to your cup—direct from the roaster, right to your brew bar. The gift box contains four 250g coffee bags with a detailed explanation of all Rockstar coffees! 

  • Choose to order the beans as whole or ground
  • The perfect rock star accompaniments to your Advent Sundays
  • Comes in a gift ready gift box


Ninety Plus Coffee 2022 Holiday Gift Collection

Ninety Plus produces some of the rarest and most sought after coffee in the world. Using sustainable cultivation techniques to plant & harvest Gesha and other original Ethiopian varieties, they were the first to experiment with ultra-natural process coffees in Ethiopia and brought these practices to Panama in 2009, where their team continues to innovate fermentation styles to this day. Their ultra rare coffees have been used to win 5 World Brewers Cup Championships (among many other accolades).

For the holidays, they prepared a set of five exceedingly unique coffees offered at a special price exclusively for this gifting season. Arranged beautifully in a sleek, gift-ready, black box, their 2022 Holiday Gift Collection is the first time that the selected coffees for this set are being made accessible to the public—making it a rare holiday gift for any coffee adventurer!

Included in the set are three limited edition coffees, tiny batches handcrafted by Joseph Brodsky and his team, and two coffees that have been used to win World Coffee Championships in 2014, 2017, and 2019.

The 2022 Holiday Gift Collection includes the following coffees:
  • Limited Batch # 22477 (notes of orange zest, cacao nibs, earl gray tea)
  • Limited Batch # 22422 (notes of candied lemon, bergamot, rosemary)
  • Limited Batch # 22295 (notes of pineapple compote, red apple clove)
  • Lycello (notes of lychee, oolong tea, fresh mean) - winner of 2014 World Brewers Cup
  • Carmo (notes of pineapple, hops, caramel) - winner of the 2017 and 2018 World Brewers Cup


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They are also offering a 40% off their Founder's Selection set, a collection of some of their rarest coffees.


 ICOSA Brewhouse Coffee Adventurer's Masterclass

Deepen your understanding of coffee and learn how to upgrade your coffee sensory experience with ICOSA Brewhouse Coffee Adventurer’s Masterclass. This online masterclass delivers in-depth educational content to help upgrade your coffee game and serves as a great holiday gift for both beginners and seasoned coffee enthusiasts alike. Watch as expert instructors take you from bean to cup and guide you from manual brewing methods to best practices, sensory development, unique coffees, and all the nuances that make a delicious cup of coffee.

  • Online self-paced video course that you can watch on any device
  • Lifetime access to the masterclass!


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We hope you enjoyed this ultimate holiday gift guide for coffee adventurers! Finding the perfect gift for a coffee lover can be challenging with so many options to choose from, but we hope you were able to find something unique and thoughtful in this guide.