AVENSI isn't just another coffee cup. It's a paradigm shift that will allow you to slow down and appreciate your coffee's diverse flavors. The anatomy of AVENSI features 12 special attributes, designed to enhance your coffee sensory experience in new ways. Discover how the AVENSI ritual will change the way you experience coffee and immerse your senses.

3.1 Our recommended Flavor Pairings for Each Cup

3.2 Use the Perfect Pour Line to Maximize Aroma

3.3 Swirl to Aerate & Oxidize your Coffee to Unlock New Aromas & Flavors

3.4 Temperature Control: Unlock New Flavors at Different Temperatures

3.5 Immerse Yourself in the AVENSI Ritual: Look, Touch, Smell & Taste

3.6 Temperature Sensing: A New Way to Interact with your Coffee

3.7 How to Care for your AVENSI Glasses


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