ICOSA Brewhouse is a small team with a big vision to change coffee. Founded by 3 coffee loving friends, our mission is to change the way people perceive coffee: from quick consumption to an immersive experience.


Like most coffee lovers, our passion for coffee began as a habit–a simple ritual that gave us an intimate moment to enjoy as part of our morning routine or share over a Sunday brunch with friends.

However, the allure of the ‘perfect cup’ of coffee eluded us, and in searching for the best brew a new door opened–we began to uncover the true depth of coffee. Our simple habit of drinking coffee became much more than a drink, we became fascinated by the complexity and subtle nuances of flavor in each cup. Whether it was a small change in temperature, the processing method or the terroir of the coffee bean, we discovered that each variable had its part to play in the final flavor profile of the finished brew. Our love for coffee was no longer about a chasing the perfect cup, it turned into a passion for the process–an enjoyment of the journey rather than just the destination.


Through this journey, we’ve found ourselves sharing shoes with many of you: the enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and aficionados that have transformed coffee into a lifestyle. 

We’ve fallen in love with the process of discovering why we love coffee and how to brew a cup that is uniquely ours. Behind every coffee is a story: from the farmer who cultivated and processed each bean, to the roaster who refined the roast, to the barista who fine tuned the brew method for a perfectly balanced cup. It’s these stories that give coffee the substance in every sip, and drive our passion to discover and share what makes this drink so special.

With that said, we welcome you to join us on this on this journey of discovery, as we explore new ways to experience coffee, and share what makes coffee so special for us. And in doing so we hope to inspire you to discover what is it for yourself that makes a cup of coffee uniquely yours.

Wherever you’re at in your coffee journey - as a green bean beginner, or as a seasoned connoisseur - there’s one thing we’ve all come to realize: coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s a lifestyle.