An incredibly easy, hands-off way to make smooth, refreshing cold brew coffee. Unlike hot water, cold water extracts flavor from your favorite coffee beans through a slower process and leaves the bitter oils and fatty acids behind. The result is a beautifully balanced brew of concentrated coffee. Whether you enjoy your cold brew on its own, over ice, or with your favorite flavorings - now you can stay cool in every occasion.



Meet the Arctic. More than just a coffee maker, it’s going to be an integral part of your new lifestyle. Designed with equal elements of function and form, the Arctic is sleek, elegant, and makes amazing tasting cold brew. It’s simple to use, so you can easily add it into your everyday coffee routine - no professional barista experience necessary. Great coffee awaits.



The Arctic was originally launched on, a global crowdfunding platform, and quickly became a top coffee product of all time.

Loved by coffee enthusiasts and beginners alike, the Arctic continues to change the way people brew cold brew coffee at home thanks to it's ingenious, elegant design.

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Follow the 4 simple steps in the included brewing guide: add coffee, add water, brew for 12-24 hours, and enjoy!

Save time by brewing big batches at once that can last up to 2 weeks.

Extract amazing flavor

Cold brew has a longer extraction process which can make a smoother, more caffeine concentrated brew over your typical cup of coffee.

If you haven’t tried cold brew yet, you’re missing out. The flavor is delightfully smooth compared to the taste of your usual cup, and it packs more than enough of a caffeinated kick to get you going in the morning. 


Your favorite cup of coffee should be as unique as you are. The choice is yours in how little or how much you want to customize! From fine-tuning your bean type, roast level, brew time, or coffee-to-water ratio - you're in complete control to make your ideal brew each time. The Arctic makes it easy to experiment and find out what works best for you.


As part of your daily life, we knew the Arctic had to be designed with equal elements of function and form. What we came up with was something sleek, and simple to use, so you can easily add it into your everyday coffee routine. The carafe is made of 100% borosilicate glass and the Micron Filter is laser cut with tiny holes, 200 microns in diameter, to keep coarse coffee particles from leeching into your brew. Each feature was chosen to enhance the entire coffee-making process, from the simplicity of brewing to enjoying the smooth taste in every cup.

In the box:

• ARCTIC™ Cold Brew Coffee System:
• Carafe crafted from 100% borosilicate glass
• Laser cut stainless steel Micron Filter & silicone filter gasket
• Stainless Steel Lid & silicone lid gasket
• How-to Instructional Guide
• Free Access to our Online Coffee Adventurer’s Guide


• Handcrafted borosilicate Glass


• 196mm tall, 147mm diameter, 
• 68 mm rim diameter


 430 grams


 ~1560mL up to rim 

How to I clean the Arctic?

All of the components can be separated for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe, but you can also clean the Glass Carafe and Micron Filter with a soft bristled cleaning brush for bottles. You'll get the best results if you wash the Arctic immediately after use.

Specifically for the Micron Filter, once you've deemed your brew time complete (12-24 hrs is suggested but you're always free to experiment with what works for you), the filter should be removed and cleaned immediately for the best results every brew.

Is the Arctic microwave safe? Dishwasher safe?

All the components are dishwasher safe, however only the glass carafe is microwave safe. The Arctic is made from 100% Borosilicate glass which makes it both microwave and dishwasher safe. Of course, as with microwaving any food or drink, you'd need to follow the proper safety protocols; i.e. no metal, only microwave the glass carafe.

What grind level is recommended?

We recommend a coarse grind for the Arctic so that only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted. Finer grinds may result in particles escaping into your brew. You’re always free to experiment to see what grind level works best for your brew and taste.

What are the dimensions of the Arctic?

The Arctic measures 5.82inches (128mm) in diameter at the base, and 7.8inches (198mm) tall without the lid; 8.19inches (208mm) with the lid.

The Micron Filter has a 2.75inch (70mm) diameter opening. The Arctic Carafe has a 2.875inch (73mm) outer diameter at the opening, and a 2.57inch (65mm) inner diameter at the opening.

Can I use the Arctic to make cold brewed tea?

Yes, it's perfect for experimenting with different types tea. You can make cold brew tea the same way you'd make your favorite cold brew.


You don’t need to be a professional barista to make your own cold brew.

The Arctic is specifically designed to make brewing easy at home.

So what is cold brew? It’s a way of brewing coffee in cold water rather than the traditional method of using hot water. Cold brew has a longer extraction process which gives it a few advantages over your typical cup of coffee. For one, it tastes a lot smoother. The familiar bite of hot brewed coffee is caused by fatty acids, which are left behind during the cold brewing process. This means it’s not only easier on your taste buds but on your stomach as well.

After brewing coffee grounds in cold water for a set amount of time (more on the ideal schedule later) you’re left with a tasty cold brew.

Your brew can be used as a base for many different drinks: hot, cold, iced, or in a shake! The versatility of cold brew is a true game-changer in how you consume your daily dose of coffee.


One of the great benefits of the Arctic is how customizable each brew can be. For all you coffee connoisseurs out there, you’re able to control not just the bean type or roast level, but also the brew time and water-to-coffee ratio. This affects the taste, aroma, and caffeine level, so you’re in complete control to adjust these levels to your liking and make your ideal brew each time. If you prefer to keep things simple, find out what works for you and stick to it.

If you prefer stronger coffee, simply add more coffee grounds, use less water, or increase your brew time. The beans you choose will also determine how your brew turns out, so experiment to find out what makes your favorite coffee.



Once you’ve made a batch of cold brew with the Arctic, you can use it as a base in a variety of coffee beverages. Not only can you serve it as hot coffee, over ice, or with cream or milk, but there are also plenty of ways to think outside the mug. Try it in a smoothie or milkshake, over ice cream, mixed with your favorite spirit, or even use it to bake with! Any coffee lover will surely have no shortage of creative ways to incorporate cold brew into drinks and desserts. Here’s a few of our favorite recipes:


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