1.1 A Special Thanks for Your Support!

We’d like to personally thank you for adding the AVENSI glassware to your new coffee ritual. AVENSI is a completely new way to appreciate coffee and we can’t express how much it means to us to have you join us in this movement to elevate the way people drink and experience coffee. 

ICOSA Brewhouse is a small team with a big vision to change coffee. Founded by 3 coffee loving friends, our mission is to change the way people perceive coffee: from quick consumption to an immersive experience. 

With the AVENSI glassware line, the idea that you can interact with your coffee in a way that actually impacts the flavor is what we hope will encourage more and more coffee drinkers to enjoy and appreciate coffee in a way never before possible. 

AVENSI to us means an ‘adventure of the senses’. Coffee is an everyday adventure–being able to slow down and appreciate the moment by exploring the diverse flavors of our coffee. 

Like you, we believe coffee is not just a drink that should be quickly consumed. It’s an experience that should be fully enjoyed & appreciated. Welcome to the movement, and enjoy your AVENSI glasses.

Johnny, Vance & Vince
The ICOSA Brewhouse Team