2.3 Discover Flavor Exploration – a First for the Coffee World

Flavor exploration is a special experience that most coffee drinkers haven’t yet had the chance to discover. It’s made possible by Temperature Control and Temperature Retention.

As you’ve likely already noticed, after brewing the temperature of your coffee has a big impact on all aspects of your coffee’s flavor: aroma, body, balance, acidity, finish, sweetness, and taste. The beautiful nature of coffee that most people take for granted is how its flavor changes and develops as it cools. For example, at 65 degrees Celsius your coffee may taste like black tea and dark chocolate with hints of brown sugar, but at 45 degrees Celsius that same coffee may taste smooth and sweet, with hints of citrus and blueberry. But most people miss out on this experience.

AVENSI allows you to discover how your coffee’s unique flavors and aromas develop as the temperature cools through Temperature Control–a unique feature that is activated by swirling. The unique Hybrid Thermal Wall design is comprised of a single-wall upper portion that dissipates heat more quickly as you swirl. This allows you to actively cool your coffee and sense the temperature of your coffee through the single-wall. Once you’ve reached your preferred temperature, the double-wall base retains your desired temperature for longer

Thanks to the combination of active Temperature Control, Temperature Retention, and Temperature Sensing, AVENSI gives you the ability to actively engage with your coffee to explore its unique flavor notes, and extends the window of time for the flavors you want to experience. Transform a typical coffee drinking experience into an immersive ritual where you’ll enjoy discovering new flavors in every cup.