3.5 Immerse Yourself in the AVENSI Ritual: Look, Touch, Smell & Taste

Take a moment to slow down and fully appreciate your coffee. The AVENSI glasses are designed to be used with the AVENSI Ritual (on page 16 of your AVENSI Introduction Guide), four simple steps that invite you to reconnect you with your senses and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful experience of enjoying your coffee.  

Practice this ritual daily whenever you drink your coffee and appreciate the art of slowing down & savoring the moment.


Activating your senses begins with slowing down and being mindful to appreciate what you’ve crafted. The transparent borosilicate glass allows you to observe the hue of your brew and build anticipation for your coffee’s flavors. 


AVENSI is designed for swirling. Cradle the hexagonal facets of the glass in your hand, and swirl your coffee to actively cool the temperature if it’s too hot. As you swirl, sense the temperature of your coffee through the single-wall.


Our sense of smell is our chance to breathe in deeply and take in this beautiful moment. After swirling, inhale the delicate aromatics of your coffee through your nose and mouth. 


This final step is the culmination of all the others, the climax of your ritual. After each sip, take note of the spectrum of flavor notes as you continue to swirl and develop your coffee’s diverse flavors.