3.1 Our recommended Flavor Pairings for Each Cup

AVENSI glasses allow you to explore your coffee’s flavors. Since this way of appreciating coffee is so novel, our goal is to make it easy for you to experience coffee in a unique way–so we’ve provided recommended coffee pairings based on extensive testing and feedback from 90+ coffee experts.

The depth of coffee flavor is as diverse as our personal tastes (or preferences) and the recommended flavor pairings on page 15 of your included AVENSI Introductory Guide are meant as just a starting point for your coffee adventure. We highly recommend experimenting with new coffees in each cup to explore and discover which combinations of cups + flavors work best for your taste. 

Keep in mind there’s no right or wrong. If you enjoy a certain coffee or flavor, then it’s good coffee for you!

For example, even though the ALTO glass is recommended for ‘fruity, bright, lighter roasts’, some experts we worked with like using the ALTO with darker, chocolaty roasts. This is because they had a personal preference for specific flavors that the ALTO enhanced.

To us, coffee is about exploring new flavors and discovering hidden aspects about the coffees that you enjoy every day. AVENSI encourages you to experiment and uncover something new! Coffee is an adventure and the potential for new flavors is really limitless. Look for the unexpected and don’t be afraid to venture into new realms of flavor to get the most from your coffee experience!

VIDA the All Around Hero

The VIDA glass is your everyday coffee hero. An all around performer that balances and enhances the flavors of your favorite coffee. An ordinary mug simply can’t compare. The unique tulip shape amplifies aromas, while directing coffee to the front of your tongue. VIDA pairs perfectly with chocolaty, sweet, well rounded, light to dark roasts.

SENTI the Aroma Enhancer

SENTI the aroma enhancer The SENTI glass is designed to maximize aroma and intensify body, thanks to its extra-wide bowl diameter which maximizes surface area, while directing coffee to the center of your tongue.It pairs wonderfully with medium and darker roasts with earthy, nutty, and caramel flavor notes.

ALTO the Illuminator 

The ALTO glass has the most unique shape. The wide rim spreads a thin flow of coffee across the top and sides or your tongue enhancing body and juicy acidity. It’s fun for experimenting with bright, fruity, citrusy, lighter roast coffees.