2.1 The Anatomy of AVENSI – A Marvel of Glass Design

The AVENSI anatomy features unique design attributes that improve your coffee sensory experience:

  • Ultra Thin Rim: maximizes your taste experience
  • Specially Designed Shape for Swirling: swirling amplifies aromas and allows for Temperature Control
  • Wide Diameter: maximizes surface area and aromatic diffusion
  • 6oz (180mL) Perfect Pour Line: indicates the optimal volume for aromatic diffusion and swirling your coffee with ease without spilling.
  • Iconic Twisting Hexagon Design: is comfortable to hold
  • Transparent Mouth Blown Borosilicate Glass
  • Unique Rim Architecture: each glass has a different shape to direct the flow of coffee to specific areas of your palate
  • Diffusion Chamber: captures and delivers aromatics to your nose & mouth
  • Single-wall top: dissipates heat more quickly allowing for Temperature Sensing and active cooling
  • Hybrid Thermal Wall Design: consists of the single-wall top and double-wall base
  • Double-wall Insulated Base: allows for Temperature Retention keeping your coffee hot while staying cool to the touch
  • Full Capacity of 14 fl.oz (415mL)