2.2 What is Flavor Amplification And how will it enhance your Coffee Experience?

Similar to wine and spirit glasses, swirling amplifies your coffee’s flavor by enhancing taste and aroma.

Flavor = Taste + Aroma


90% of what we perceive as flavor comes from our sense of smell. For a coffee glass to enhance flavor, it has to enhance aroma.

AVENSI does this better than any other coffee cup. Combining our understanding of fluid dynamics and aromatic diffusion, we designed the optimal shape and curvature of the glass to maximize the surface area of your coffee when you swirl. Just like with wine, whisky and other spirits, this simple action aerates and oxidizes your coffee revealing a spectrum of dormant aromas and flavors hiding in your brew that are normally lost in an ordinary mug.

The Diffusion Chamber captures the rich bouquet of aromas and delivers them to your mouth and nose. 


The shape of the glass is optimized to direct the flow of coffee perfectly onto your tongue. Similar to high end wine and spirit glasses, AVENSI also has an ultra thin rim, which is 60% thinner than ordinary coffee cups. This maximizes the flow of coffee onto your tongue, immersing your palate with rich flavors in every sip.  

Each of the AVENSI Glasses (VIDA, SENTI, and ALTO) are also designed with unique rim architectures of different diameters and curvatures. Each shape was engineered and tested to direct the flow and spread of coffee onto specific areas of your tongue and palate, creating a unique tasting experience that will enhance your coffee’s flavor notes. 

Pair each glass by following our recommend flavor and roast pairings (on page 15), or experiment and explore your coffee’s hidden flavors by drinking the same coffee in each of the AVENSI glasses.