You’re drawn to discover new ways to stay ahead of the curve, and you always seem to find them. This what brought you to coffee. You believe that coffee should be experienced, not just consumed.

That’s why we created this online masterclass video series just for you. This educational content is all about the fun and adventure of exploring coffee and will help you get the most out of your coffee experience.

From manual brewing methods and best practices, to sensory development and unique coffees, learn from our expert instructors who will guide you to craft the best brews. You’ll want to keep coming back to learn how to upgrade your coffee game.


Material: Digitally delivered online program


Dimensions: ultra light & fits in your pocket 😉 • stream the content from any phone, iPad or computer with an internet connection.

What's included in the Masterclass

• 9 course modules covering the basics of bean to cup, advanced brewing techniques & recipes, improving your coffee sensory skills, and much more!

• 40+ educational videos comprising over +4 hours of in-depth educational content

• Learn from our course instructors: Luke Gilbert from &Bloss Roastery UK and Asser Christensen from The Coffee Chronicler Denmark 


  • Receive your password to access the Masterclass via email

  • Lifetime access to all content

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Module 1: Bean to Cup - Know the Factors that Impact your Coffee’s Taste

How coffee is such a complex drink (more so than wine). Learn the foundations of coffee processing and preparation from bean to cup and how each step impacts your coffee’s flavors to get the most from your brew.

Module 2: Brewing Basics & Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of coffee brewing. Learn how to tweak and refine your coffee’s flavors to your taste, and get inspired to try new methods to experiment with your brew.

Module 3: How to Enhance your Flavor Experience

You know that good coffee all starts with good quality beans, but how do you extract the best flavors and elevate your entire flavor experience? Find out how the grind, drinking temperature, and drinking vessel can enhance your coffee’s flavors.

Module 4: Advanced Brewing Tips

You’ve learned the foundations of coffee brewing technique and recipes, and now it’s time for you to learn the key elements of brew experimentation to tweak and refine your brew to it’s perfect for your taste. Get a detailed breakdown of how Luke experiments with his brew to craft the perfect cup.

Module 5: The Science of Flavor, Taste & Smell

An introduction to the science of coffee’s flavor, taste and aroma and how coffee experts use flavor science and sensory to better understand coffee’s beautiful complex and diverse flavors.

Module 6: How to Improve your Coffee Sensory Experience

Coffee has such a wide spectrum of flavors, tastes, and aromas, but how can you learn to detect all of these flavor notes? Learn how to build your ‘flavor memory’ and understand what makes coffee bright & citrusy vs earthy & nutty.

Module 7: How to keep a Coffee Journal to Elevate your Coffee Experience

On your journey as a coffee adventurer, you’ll want to keep field notes of your new flavor experiences. Learn how to grade and evaluate your coffee’s flavors like a coffee sensory expert, and build a flavor journal to expand your flavor library.

Module 8: A close up Look at the Key Factors the Affect Coffee Quality

Learn the fundamentals of coffee quality and how various factors affect your coffee’s flavor. From the coffee bean varietal and freshness, to roasting, you’ll be able to spot a good bean from a bad bean before you even brew the coffee.

Module 9: Master your Brewing Essentials

Turn a good tasting coffee into a great tasting coffee. Learning how to brew coffee can seem like a daunting venture with the overwhelming number of brewing gizmos and gadgets available, but this module will allow you to unlock the key essentials of brewing, from grinders and gear, to the bare brew essentials that will always give a great tasting coffee.

Is the masterclass for beginners or experts?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned coffee enthusiast, you'll learn something new from the Coffee Adventurer's Masterclass! Learn from two coffee experts who take you from bean to cup and discuss all the unique nuances that make a delicious cup of coffee.

How is the masterclass delivered?

The masterclass is an online self-paced video course that you can watch on your computer or mobile device with any internet connection. Once you purchase the masterclass, you'll receive an email with log-in instructions to access the course videos. 

Do I need to own the Avensi glasses to take advantage of the masterclass?

No absolutely not! This is a standalone online course that is designed for any coffee lover who wants to improve their coffee experience by learning how to brew better and improve their sensory skills. There are a couple videos that use the AVENSI Glassware Collection in demonstrations, but you won't need the glasses to get the most from the masterclass. 

How long do I have access to the masterclass?

You get lifetime access to the masterclass!