Coffee Can Be Naturally Sweet Without Sugar?! The Evolution of Flavor and Taste

Do you enjoy your coffee black? Or do you like to add a little sugar because your coffee is a tad bitter?

If you ask anyone on the street about how coffee tastes, you will likely hear that “bitterness” is the most commonly perceived flavor. But what if I told you that coffee can be naturally sweet, without any added sugar? What makes coffee taste bitter and how can you experience coffee that’s naturally sweet? Find out in today’s video!

In our conversation with our good friend Luke from &Bloss (an international coffee sensory trainer, roaster, and passionate coffee lover), we explore the common misconception that coffee is always bitter, and how to get coffee that is naturally sweet. 

An interesting fact about coffee is that much of its inherent flavor comes from the cherry fruit that covers the bean. The ripeness of the cherry when the coffee is picked and quality of the processing to remove the cherry from the bean (i.e. dry, washed, semi-washed) play a huge part in the sweetness of your coffee. 

But, even with the sweetest beans, if your coffee is roasted too dark, the bitterness from the roast will easily overpower the sweetness, and you’ll be left with bitter coffee. 

That’s why roasting is such an art form. Well roasted beans will enhance and complement the natural flavors of your coffee in an event called the Maillard Reaction that really brings out the sweetness and rich flavors of your coffee! 

We also asked our friend Steve Cuevas, USA Cup Tasters Champion and 2x Golden Bean Roasting Champion, about what makes coffee naturally sweet. Here’s what he had to say:

“The natural sugars, amino acids, alcohols, and glycols of coffee are transformed during the roasting process in an event called the Maillard Reaction. This series of chemical changes produces most of the sweetness and rich flavors we are able to taste in the coffee. You are causing amino acids and sugars to form a few new, tasty compounds. 

Water chemistry helps extract the organic acids and compounds that we call flavor. An experience brewer will enhance this process”

So now you know that not all coffee has to taste bitter, it can be naturally sweet. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Coffee is all about exploring and discovering new flavors, and that’s what inspired us to create the AVENSI. Try your favorite coffees or even venture out to discover new coffee flavors you’ve never experienced.

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