Coffee Dads We Love: Tyler Hagan of Commonly Coffee On the Importance of Quality Time as a Family

We’ve had such an amazing time getting to know some of the coolest Coffee Dads in our community and to see how they’re able to bring together their passion for coffee and their commitment to being great fathers. With only a few days left before Father’s Day, We’ve got one more Coffee Dad and we’re excited for you to meet him!

Meet Tyler Hagan aka @commonlycoffee

To wrap up our Coffee Dad series (at least, for now), we talked to Tyler Hagan of @commonlycoffee. What we love about his content is that he reveals the “other side” of life as a coffee lover — featuring more of his family life, especially being a parent to his 2 kids alongside his passion for specialty coffee. 

Over the years — and 15K followers later — he’s managed to stay as authentic as he can be on Instagram, showing both the serious and the silly side of his coffee journey. From time to time, we get a peek into his family life and how he’s trying to get his kids into coffee (albeit unsuccessfully for now). Check out how our conversation went down below:

ICOSA Brewhouse: Are there any valuable lessons that coffee has taught you about raising a family — or vice versa? 

Tyler: "What a great question! I feel like one of the greatest lessons coffee has taught me as a dad to two incredible kids is to be their greatest advocate and always ensure they know how much they mean to me.

You see, I began this whole "Coffee Instagram" thing by actually posting content on my personal IG account 4 or 5 years ago. What ended up happening was people began to ask me "what's up with your family?" I had no idea what they meant until a good friend pointed out that there were fewer and fewer posts about them, and more about coffee.

It was then that I launched a separate account just for my coffee content. It was a wake up call, and one that I am so thankful for. I always want to ensure that when I am with them, I am "all-in." I want them to know that I will always have time for them, and that no amount of content creation is more important than quality time spent together as a family.

Kids truly do grow up fast, in fact my son will be a teenager in June and that's crazy to think. Dads have a significant role to play in a kid's life and I want to ensure I enjoy every moment I get with them."


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ICOSA Brewhouse: Being the only coffee drinker in your family of four, what's your strategy to get more of your family members onto team coffee? 😆

Tyler: "If anyone has followed my account for quite some time you will realize that, yes, I am the ONLY coffee drinker in my family. There are moments where I definitely wish that I could make coffee for them to enjoy (after all, isn't coffee best enjoyed, when it's enjoyed with others?) But there are some days where it is quite nice to have some really tasty coffees all to myself. 

So far my daughter is showing the most signs of "seeing the light" when it comes to winning my family over to "team coffee." She very much enjoys it when I make her steamed milk & flavoured syrups. She has even made them herself many times and I could totally see her being a future World Barista Champion! She once tried a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Monogram here in Calgary...and liked it! So I take that as a win. 

My son loves Hot Chocolate so I might just begin to slip a few drops of espresso into his cup in the next while and see if I can win him over with Mochas!

As for my wife...time will tell. She follows my account so I want to be careful with my words! LOL. She loves tea, and one of the best things about many of the great specialty coffee roasters out there is that a number of them also offer incredible specialty teas. So if I can place an order with my favourite roaster, and add some tea into my cart for her, I'd say that's still a win! Happy Wife, Happy Life."

"I always want to ensure that when I am with them, I am "all-in." I want them to know that I will always have time for them, and that no amount of content creation is more important than quality time spent together as a family."

We can imagine how every parent can see themselves in Tyler’s shoes. It’s easy to lose track of time and realize later on how time flies so quickly and how kids grow up so fast. Making time for your passions is one thing, but it’s definitely way more important to prioritize having that solid chunk of time dedicated to being with your family regardless of how busy you get.

Get to know more about Tyler by following him on Instagram, where he shares great coffee content:from the best beans to the latest coffee gear, and some of the funniest coffee reels you’ll ever see!


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