Explore the Flavors of Your Coffee — Alto vs Vida

Have you ever tried drinking the same coffee from two different cups? 

We caught up with our friend Tim, a world traveller and coffee blogger from CoffeeGeek.tv and got him to try out this fun experiment for the first time using the AVENSI glasses.

What could possibly happen? You’ll have to watch the video to find out

(If you didn’t catch the last video where we share one little known fact about your coffee’s temperature, click here to watch it)

The interesting thing about flavor enhancing glassware from the wine and spirit world is that countless people have tried this fun experiment: pour the same wine or spirit into different shaped glasses, and you’ll experience different aromas, tastes, and flavors in each cup! Sounds crazy, but a quick search on Youtube will reveal just how real this phenomenon is.

The AVENSI Glasses were designed around the same principle as scientifically engineered wine and spirit glasses. 

The shape of your glass is more than just aesthetic, it alters and amplifies different aspects of aroma, taste, and flavor. We won’t reveal all our secrets here, but there’s a big reason why we enlisted the help from from over 90 coffee experts–to determine which glass shapes enhance the best flavors and aromas of your coffee.

The AVENSI is the culmination of science, engineering, and expert involvement to create the best flavor enhancing glassware for your coffee.

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