The most impossible coffee cups ever made.

Combining design & science for the perfect espresso & filter coffee drinking experience

Avensi Wave was inspired from a daring vision to do the impossible: create unconventional, beautiful drinkware that also transforms the way we enjoy coffee. 

Featuring a never before seen design, the Aeration Waves™ reveal your coffee’s unique aromas & flavors as you swirl and delivers them to your senses for a completely new immersive sensory experience.

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Meet the new

Avensi Wave Sensory Collection
You’ve never seen a cup like this.

Avensi Wave is the world’s 1st coffee cup that allows you to do something no other cup can. Its unique design allows you to SWIRL to aerate & reveal the unique flavors in every coffee.

The special, one-of-a-kind ridges inside the tasting glasses that we call aeration-waves™ work harmoniously to create wave-like movements & micro-bubbles in your coffee when it’s swirled. This aerates the flavors as you swirl, bringing the hidden aromas & flavors in your coffee to life. 

Elevate every cup of coffee into a symphony of delicious flavors and awaken your senses with every swirl.

3 new ways to reveal more of your coffee's flavors.

Avensi Wave allows you to swirl to unlock 3 new ways to awaken your coffee’s most unique aromas & flavors.

Your coffee deserves better
Perfect for Filter Coffee & Espresso
The Espresso Cup

Inspired by the original Senti glass, the Aeresso Wave features a domed shape profile that captures & intensifies espresso’s rich aromas, while enhancing sweetness. As you swirl, the wave-ramps serve to both aerate flavors and mix the layers of your espresso for balanced flavor in every sip. It also doubles as tasting glass for your favorite filter coffees.

The Tasting Cup

Inspired by the original Alto glass, the Alto Wave features an hourglass shape that amplifies delicate aromatics and positions your nose at the focal point of the aromas, while the wide rim spreads coffee evenly across your palette enhancing brightness for an unparalleled tasting experience.

The Sensory Carafe

The Cyclone is unlike any coffee server you’ve ever seen.  It features the same Aeration Wave™ design with a unique Aroma Peak™ inspired by high end wine decanters. As you brew, coffee drips over the mountain for enhanced aroma diffusion.

Aeresso Ceramic Limited Edition 
The Espresso Cup

To celebrate our very first foray into espresso, we’re launching a limited edition series of hand crafted ceramic Aeresso Cups. It features a heftier 4mm rim, that’s common with classic espresso cups. The thicker rim spreads a thin layer of coffee over your tongue, enhancing the rich body of your espresso. 

Awaken your senses.
Small but Mighty

We might be a small team, but we’ve been making waves in the coffee industry since 2016.

We're Launching February 27!

After 1 year of R&D, we’re finally launching on February 27! Get your exclusive discount and be the first to experience this new way to enjoy your favorite brews!

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